• July 17, 2024

How Your Lotto Token Investment Can Make You a Millionaire?

How Your Lotto Token Investment Can Make You a Millionaire

Lotto games have always been considered the easiest way to become rich and many people have wasted a lot of hard-earned money buying lottery tickets.  But the times have gone when users used to buy lottery tickets and the majority of them used to lose their money if they didn’t win the lottery. Now users get their money back if they don’t win the lottery and this has drawn everyone’s attention. 

Tronsweep.com is an emerging name in the gaming industry. Tronsweep is one of its kind, a community-driven decentralized lottery system, which has a revenue-sharing model and shares its revenue with its community.

With Tronsweep you can earn up to 300 million TRX and apart from that, you can create a passive source of income by investing in Tronsweep.

Purchase Decentralized Lottery 

The decentralized lottery system has completely revolutionized the entire lottery industry. With the help of blockchain, things have really become very fair and transparent. Because everything runs by a smart contract. And everything is very fair and transparent. 

As these lotteries are decentralized so everything runs on smart contracts on a public blockchain and has no human interference, which means winners are picked randomly.

Tronsweep: Best Decentralized Lottery 

Tronsweep is the best online lottery because Tronsweep has revolutionized the way of playing the lottery. People used to spend their hard-earned money on lotto tickets and the majority of them had to face disappointment because as we all know there are many selected number of winners in lotto but in Tronsweep the revenue which is generated after selling lotto tickets is distributed in the tronsweep community in the form of a dividend.

You can earn up to 10-12% monthly returns on your Tron investment by purchasing lotto tickets online on tronsweep. Besides that, you can earn referral income from it because their referral program is also very beneficial. You get directly 10% from your referral’s purchase amount and you’ll be getting it life-long whenever your referral will buy tickets in future and you’ll also be getting 2.5% – 1%  from your referral’s winning prize to 10 levels.

How to Buy Lottery Ticket on Tronsweep

Buying lottery tickets on Tronsweep is very simple, below are the steps to buy lotto tickets: 

  1. As I mentioned before Tronsweep is a decentralized platform, to access this platform you’ll need to download the Tronlink pro app which is a wallet that runs on a Tron blockchain or you can add the extension to your chrome browser if you wanna use it on your laptop.
  2. Create an account if you don’t have one and remember to keep your mnemonic phrase safe because that is the only thing to restore your account if you lose it.
  3. After creating your account on Tronlink pro, transfer Tron to your wallet from your exchange. For that, click on the receive button given in the centre of your wallet screen. You can copy your receiving address or simply scan the QR code.
  4. After receiving the Trons in your wallet click the discover section given in the icon bar at the bottom, search https://tronsweep.com/ in the search bar and hit enter. You’ll direct land on the home page of Tronsweep and your account will be created automatically.
  5. As you’ll scroll your screen you’ll see the lotto game, click on the “Play Now” button and you’ll land on the lotto game. Then enter the number of tickets you want to buy and enter your transaction password. As you’ll buy tickets successfully then LOTTO tokens will be added to your wallet which you can see by clicking on the “Stake Lotto” button.
  6. Don’t forget to stake your lotto tokens because the dividend is distributed to the staked lotto token holders only. Dividend is distributed every week so keep your LOTTO tokens frozen and enjoy your passive income until you unfreeze your lotto tokens.

Up to 120% APR on Your Investment

No. of Lotto Tokens In a Day In a Week In a Month In a Quarter In a Year
100 16.50 TRX 115.50 TRX 495 TRX 1485 TRX 5940 TRX
1000 165 TRX 1155 TRX 4950 TRX 14850 TRX 59400 TRX
10000 1650 TRX 11550 TRX 49500 TRX 148500 TRX 594000 TRX
100000 16500 TRX 115500 TRX 495000 TRX 1485000 TRX 5940000 TRX


Playing the lottery has never been so interesting, since people try their luck while playing lotto but they have to pay a cost of it which majority of the times are not in the favour of users but in Tronsweep users are actually investing their amount while playing the lottery so, they’ll be getting returns on their ticket purchases even when they don’t win in the lottery.

After purchasing the lottery tickets on the Tronsweep users get free lotto tokens according to the number of tickets they have bought. Users need to freeze their lotto tokens on the platform to be part of the weekly dividend pool.

Now the question arises, how is the dividend pool filled ? Whenever any ticket is sold 45% of it is directly added to the dividend pool and this dividend is distributed among all the lotto token holders who have frozen their lotto tokens. Users get the dividend according to the number of lotto tokens a user holds.


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