• June 18, 2024

How IDOs Make Launching Crypto Projects Simpler?

How IDOs Make Launching Crypto Projects Simpler

In the fast-paced crypto industry, there are several new projects launching every day. However, unlike some of the traditional business models, crypto projects rely on crowdfunding for collecting the funds required to develop the project. 

There are various crowdfunding methods in the crypto space but IDOs are one of the most popular and reliable ones. IDO stands for Initial DEX offerings and features additional features that raked interest from global communities. IDOs led to the birth of crypto multichain launchpads that help in hosting the best crypto IDOs. 

These IDO launchpads make it easier for crypto projects to provide a simple user experience to their community. Let’s understand IDOs and IDO launchpads in detail. 

IDO and IDO Launchpads

IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering and is a capital-raising model where the project launches its tokens using a decentralized platform. IDO solves the pain points of ICOs and IEOs and has become the go-to fundraising method for the majority of projects. To host an IDO, the crypto projects connect with an IDO launchpad of their choosing, depending upon different factors such as the blockchain network they operate on. 

The main characteristics of an IDO launchpad are:

  • An IDO launchpad connects the project with suitable investors and helps the developers to convey their vision to the community and investors.
  • The launchpad helps in developing a global community for the project. 
  • IDO launchpads can facilitate multi-chain launches for the token to increase the utility of the token.
  • The launchpad provides a safe space for the investors and developers to connect while helping in the development of the crypto industry using one project at a time. 

There are several IDO launchpads in the market today. However, one of the most exciting launchpads that utilize a unique engagement model is AdLunam. AdLunam is an Engage To Earn IDO Launchpad that is one of the best IDO launchpads in 2022. Let’s take a quick look at this launchpad. 

AdLunam – Proof of Attention IDO Launchpad

AdLunam is the industry’s first NFT-integrated Engage to Earn seed crowdfunding and IDO launchpad that utilizes a Proof of Attention model. One of the unique features of AdLunam is that it allocates tokens to the investors based on their engagement with the project. The more an investor or user engages with the project, the more tokens will be allocated using its engage to earn model. 

This model has two-fold benefits. Investors and users can participate in a project’s IDO with fairness and transparency. While the project benefits from a loyal and active community even before the launch. The other features of AdLunam include,

  • All the investors and users receive an allocation based on their Proof of Attention score.
  • Quality investors with high scores have access to early-stage deal flow even without an existing investment network.
  • It is a win-win situation where the projects and community both benefit.
  • Investors’ proof of attention score and other details are stored as dNFTs (dynamic NFTs) that qualify them for exclusive airdrops, allocations and community rewards. 

AdLunam is one of the best IDO launchpads that turns the Attention Economy into a win-win for tokens and investors. It surpasses the short-lived FOMO by developing a sustainable community for every project that does not scatter after the IDO. 

To learn more about AdLunam, visit https://adlunam.cc/.


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