• April 20, 2024

Revamping Arowana: A Celebration of 2 Years with Mainnet & Visual Rebranding

Revamping Arowana A Celebration of 2 Years with Mainnet & Visual Rebranding

The Arowana Project reached its two-year anniversary in April 2023. Since its launch in April 2021, the project has made great strides in expanding its ecosystem with various infrastructures and services.

During this time, the Arowana Project has focused on developing its own business models, including a physical NFT marketplace, DeFi staking services, and the Arowana Wallet.

These efforts have been crucial in establishing the Arowana Project’s place in the industry and attracting new users to the ecosystem.

Looking ahead, the Arowana Project is poised to undertake a large-scale project with the development of its mainnet. Along with expanding its ecosystem, the project will also work to establish a more robust security system to address potential threats and ensure the growth of its own business models.

To communicate the meaning of “The Next Arowana” to the outside world, the Arowana Project has undergone a visual rebranding.
This will not only highlight the evolution of the project but also help to establish its unique identity in the market. With its focus on innovation and growth, the Arowana Project remains committed to advancing the industry and providing value to its users.

2023 Arowana Business Report

  1. Visual Rebranding

  • Logo

The rebranding of the Arowana Token was carried out to expand the token ecosystem and enhance the visual identity of the global project more extensively than before.

As a result, the newly designed BI symbolizes Arowana’s progressive momentum with the shape of A which also represents the first letter of Arowana Token (ARW) and the alphabet. The logo also depicts flowing water, which is associated with the Arowana’s natural habitat. With this new logo, Arowana will strengthen its competitive edge and represent the brand identity worldwide, which will improve the project’s connectivity with users all over the world.

  • Homepage Design Renewal

The Arowana visual rebranding goes beyond a simple interface improvement. The new token design, ‘The Next Arowana,’ will be introduced on the homepage, aiming to establish a more recognized brand image worldwide.

The existing features and content on the Arowana website will be upgraded, and the UI/UX will be improved to provide a better user experience. Through these changes, Arowana will increase its value proposition and provide users with a more effective and efficient environment to use the platform. This visual rebranding marks a significant step forward for Arowana in achieving its long-term goals of building a thriving ecosystem and expanding its reach globally.

2. Mainnet

In 2023, the Arowana project will be developing its Mainnet initiative.
This marks a significant step towards a more robust and stable platform, allowing for more powerful project operations.
With the implementation of the Mainnet, Arowana’s own platform will become more secure, with a stronger security system to protect against potential threats.

Not only will this enhance the stability and security of the Arowana token’s transactions and usage, but it will also improve the overall user experience. Arowana’s commitment to continuous development and upgrades will ensure that users can enjoy a safer and more stable service.

By embracing this initiative, Arowana is poised to further its competitive edge in the industry and establish itself as a leading player in the blockchain ecosystem. Through the Mainnet, Arowana can offer its users a cutting-edge platform that delivers enhanced performance, stability, and security, paving the way for more innovative and value-adding solutions to be developed in the future.

3. AroWallet

The upcoming ArroWallet service, currently under development, is poised to offer a host of exciting features to users.

The service will include the following features:

1. NFT functionality

  • NFT market trading
    – AroWallet is set to revolutionize the NFT market by offering a seamless platform for users to purchase, bid, and participate in auctions. With the convenience of the NFT market integrated into the wallet, users can easily access and engage with this burgeoning market, unlocking new opportunities for collectors, artists, and investors alike.
    AroWallet empowers users to fully participate in the NFT ecosystem, facilitating the ownership and exchange of unique digital assets with ease and convenience.
  • Integration with real-world assets
    Users will have the ability to seamlessly integrate their real-world assets purchased from the NFT market by scanning QR codes, enabling instant and secure use of their assets.
    This innovative feature empowers users to leverage the full potential of their NFTs and brings a new level of convenience and accessibility to asset management.

2. Finance functionality

  • ArroWana staking service
  • Swap service
  • Transfer service

AroWallet aims to be a powerful tool that will empower users to easily and safely manage their virtual assets and investments from their mobile devices. The Arowana team is committed to delivering a secure and stable platform that will make comprehensive token management a reality for its users.

Over the past two years, the Arowana project has achieved sustained growth through various activities. Looking ahead to 2023, the project aims to further expand its self-sustainability and mature into a more stable platform through enhanced security measures. The upcoming visual rebranding and mainnet development will not only improve the global project’s visual identity but also enhance connectivity with users worldwide. As a result, the Arowana project will demonstrate a higher level of professionalism in the blockchain industry.

While the Arowana project may not have achieved positive outcomes at every moment, it has been able to grow thanks to the support and trust of those who are interested in and believe in the project.
Moving forward, the Arowana project will continue to monitor the changing market environment and trends and pursue innovation and growth. Achieving these goals will require constant effort and challenge, but as a globally trusted project, the Arowana project is committed to gaining even greater attention in the future.


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