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5 Tips When Buying the Perfect Cot for Your Baby

5 Tips When Buying the Perfect Cot for Your Baby

As parents, some items are must-haves while shopping with a baby in mind. One of them is choosing the appropriate cot with B2C Furniture’s baby cots.

Whether you’re searching for your baby’s first bed or to replace a cradle, a cot is a smart choice. And you must consider several factors because your kid will spend a significant portion of their first two to three years in this little sanctuary. Learn a thing or two as this blog will review essential factors when buying the perfect cot for your baby.

Factors in Buying the Perfect Cot

Making the right choice for your baby can be difficult because of the different questions running through your mind. To help you ease your mind, here are some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect cot for your baby:

1. Get One With Safety Measures

Standards like the mandatory Australian safety standard AS/NZS 2172 should be used to certify cots. Purchase a cot that conforms to these requirements to guarantee your child’s safety. The following conditions are included in the standards:

  • Head entrapment hazards – to prevent your kid from getting stuck or tumbling out, any significant openings must be no larger than 5 to 9.5 cm.
  • Finger or limb entrapment hazards – smaller openings shouldn’t be wider than 3-5 cm, which is big enough for a child’s leg to become trapped, or smaller than 5–12 mm, which prevents little fingers from being entangled. 
  • Protruding or sharp edges – look around for anything with a sharp edge that can hurt your baby in the head or catch on their clothing.

2. Prefer Convertible or Multifunctional Ones

Because cots can be utilized as your baby grows, some prefer convertible ones, which are often the smart choice. Convertible cots assist young children in adjusting to sleeping in a larger bed. Plus, those with movable safety rails have a variety of benefits. They provide babies with more independence while lowering the risk of falling.

Another great option is the multifunctional cot. Both you and your kid will appreciate using a multifunctional cot as it can turn into a playpen or changing table.

3. Find Cots That Are Easily Assembled

Another factor to consider is the cot’s assembly. Some cribs are difficult to put together and need several tiny pieces. Even though you might only need to put the cot together once, it’s something to consider.

Many cots have straightforward instructions and are made simple to assemble and take down as needed. But other cots only require a screwdriver and a few simple screws. So read customer reviews to discover whether other parents had trouble assembling the cot you are considering.

4. Consider the Size

A cot that is too huge might appear overpowering, while a cot that is too small can be unpleasant and even hazardous. But some cots might be shockingly large for a bed intended for a young infant. Though there are standard sizes, always check the cot’s measurements once fully assembled to see how well it will fit in your nursery.

And you can also consider the weight of the cot. Will it be too heavy to lift from one room to another? Speaking of moving the cot, you can check if the cot would fit through the doors of your house.

5. Check the Materials Used

Cots are made from sturdy materials, from wood to plastic to metals. But most are made with solid wood with fixed safety rails or plastic edge trim. However, many baby cot manufacturers now opt to treat the wood with natural, allergen-free waxes to prevent health issues in babies and other environmental reasons.

Choosing the Right Cot for Your Baby

Buying the perfect cot for your baby can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. By following the tips discussed, you can make an informed decision and choose a cot that suits your baby’s needs.

Remember to prioritize safety by looking for certified cots, ensuring appropriate distance between slats, and avoiding loose parts or sharp edges. Putting these tips into practice lets you find a cot to provide your baby with a peaceful and restful sleep.

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